Friday, January 30, 2009

Wrecking Day!

Thanks to my friend Doug for letting me know about a boat in the yard that was being scrapped. Doug laid claim to lots of stainless steel for me. We were able to get all the stanchions with their bases, the stainless lifeline, chainplate stock, and even a bow pulpit that we may be able to modify for Vertigo. It was sort of sad seeing an old classic wooden boat come to its end but was pretty cool to get some of the parts. Now the old boat can live on in Vertigo!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vertigo gets a Rig

Today the rig for Vertigo arrived. It is a carbon fiber Melges 24 mast that had been on an Express 27. The owner was making his boat stock again to race one design in the bay area and was looking to unload this one. It is pretty much the complete rig with spreaders, mast step, tapered carbon boom, nearly new stainless standing rigging, and 2 dacron mainsails that are in pretty good condition. So now it's probably time that I get sanding on my boat so that I can use this cool rig someday! I also learned today that my friend Doug,who works at the local boat yard, has laid claim to some stainless stancions, bow pulpit, and lifelines that he's going to send my way. Thanks Doug!