Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Bulkhead Pics

Starting to look kinda sporty!

More Scarffing

Since the main cabin bulkhead is more than 4 feet tall, I had to scarf another part of a sheet on. I used the same method I had done a month before when I made the strips for the freeboard extension. It just took a bit longer to sand the bigger area but it turned out really nice. I glued it up and soon had a nice scarf jointed sheet.

Main Cabin Bulkhead

Here's a couple pics of the cabin bulkhead being dry fit into position. The cardboard strips are just there to give a very rough mock-up of the cabin top shape. (Yes, I know the strips are crooked--even Denise pointed that out to me--it's a ROUGH mock up!)

A Handsome Transom

Hey check it out, it looks like a boat now! I think it looks pretty sweet raked back like that. Right now it's just tacked and taped into position.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Missing In Action?

Yeah, Yeah, I know... It's been a long time since I've updated this blog. Life has been pretty busy lately. Besides the usual (kids, little league, wife, yardwork, home projects...) I've been racing "Magic Juan" on Wednesdays which takes up quite a bit of my free "sailboat" time. I also hauled MJ out and re-did the bottom and got her ready for the big 'Round Whidbey race.

The racing has been going quite well. We usually end up placing near the top or losing in a most spectacular fashion (death rolls and spectacular spinakker episodes) The problem with the San Juan 24's is the narrow stern--which means no form stability. As the wind builds, the boat doesn't plane but starts to dig in and roll back and forth. Usually, we can keep it going in the direction we want but sometimes, if the wind really gets blowing, it can get pretty ugly! So this is one reason I'm so excited about Vertigo. She should be much more stable with the wide transom and the hard chines. When the wind builds, I look forward to taking off on a plane, rather than starting to roll as we push more and more water. On MJ, it seems we are hauling when we hit 7 knots, I can hardly wait to see what a downwind run in the double digits looks like!
These are the things I daydream about! So, all these excuses and daydreams...Have I gotten anywhere on Vertigo? Yep. Slow but steady progress will see this project through. Check out the next posts....