Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sink Pedestal

Today I was able to seal up the starboard bench and rough frame the sink pedestal.  Once this pedestal is finished, the only other major interior structure is the aluminum mast compression post.  Then comes all the sanding and painting inside.

Added Flotation!

Some people have suggested that I fill some of my compartments with foam for some reserve buoyancy.  So in the interest of safety I added some foam today.
Right below the companionway door, there are two compartments formed by the floor grid.  I've decided that rather than sealing these up, I'll use them as storage.  One will be for tools, and dock lines, etc.  But the other more important one I decided to make into an ice box.  This way when we are racing (and are bored after passing everyone :)), we can just reach through the door into the cabin and grab the cold beverage of our choice.  It was kind of a fun little project, although my boat is now full of little tiny foamy balls that flew everywhere when I was cutting the foam panels to shape.  I then glassed the panels, then filleted and taped all the corners.  I will add lids to these compartments later on.