Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yes, Some Progress is Being Made

It's been a while since I've updated the blog again. This is partly because I've been too busy to work on the boat much. I have been getting an hour here and there though. So with these little bits of time, I have been filleting all the joints inside--hull to deck joints, deck to stringer joints..etc. It's all filleted now and I've been getting some taping done as well. It's not the kind of fun progress that looks great in photos though. I also stopped by Fiberglass Supply a few weeks ago and bought another 5 gallon epoxy kit--so when I finally get some time, I'll be set to make some good progress! Next month I've got some vacation time. I'm not going anywhere so I'm hoping to hit the project hard. (although I do have to work on my other boat to get it ready for the "Round Whidbey" race, and possibly the SJ24 nationals) I'm hoping to make it up to Bellingham next week to purchase more plywood for the cabin top.

Thanks for your patience!!