Saturday, February 28, 2009

Study Break!

Ok, I am so close to flipping the boat over. So why no updates? Well, because I'm studying for my yearly simulator checkrides for my work. I figure I'd better do some prep to make sure I pass and keep my job. My budget for this project is already pretty tight but without a job...well, it wouldn't be pretty! So flipping the boat will wait until after I'm done with my rides, then I can hit it hard again.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Now We Are Getting Somewhere!

Well, the temperature finally warmed for a while so I was able to get out and work on the boat. I sanded like a madman for a couple days and got the bottom all smooth. Then I coated the bottom with two thin coats of straight epoxy to seal everthing. And again, I sanded. Actually, the sanding was easy. The hard part is always getting the blush off the epoxy. When epoxy cures (especially West System) part of the process produces this sticky waxy substance that lays on top of the cured epoxy. If you try sand it, it instantly gums up the sandpaper. So it has to be washed off before it can be sanded. I've found that using a spray bottle with bleach and water works well. I spray it all down and then scrub with a scotchbrite pad. Then I spray some more. The water that drips off is bright orange as it contains the blush. After getting most of this off, I wet sand the surface to get the rest off.
So after getting everything smooth, I applied a high build epoxy primer (interprotect 2000) This will act as additional protection, fill any small scratches, and provide a base for the anti-fouling paint I will later apply. I have rolled on three coats, and will put on a couple more. Then I will wet sand it so its nice and smooth. Then it's time to turn the boat over and begin working on the inside. I will finish fairing the bilge and shear once the deck and bulkheads are installed and the hull is more stable. I am really please with how it is looking. Everything looks smooth, straight, and fair---sweet!