Monday, April 2, 2012

Pulpit and Lifelines

Finally got my stanchions and pulpit built.  I used the tubing I got a few years ago when my friend Doug was scrapping an old boat.  I was able to cut up and modify things to fit my boat.  A big thanks to a certain person who doesn't want to be named but who did an awesome job welding all my stainless pieces with a stick arc welder.  I'm sure I'll eventually regret painting these pieces black when they start getting scratched..but right now I think they look awesome!
For lifelines, I decided to go with Amsteel by Samson.  Its super tough stuff and easy to work with.  Here's my eye splices at the back of the boat.  They are then lashed to the rear stanchion.  This way I can easily adjust the tension of the lifelines.