Thursday, April 2, 2009

More Fill-Its

Well, its official: The fillets on my boat are not pronounced like a cut of meat but are pronounced "fill-its". (Thank you Scott!) Now I can sound like a real boat builder when I talk about my project. So I now have 4 out of 5 fillets done. I have run out of 6" tape and Fiberglass Supply didn't have it in stock. I tried at West Marine--they had the 6" tape but wanted four times the price Fiberglass Supply sells it for. Since my wife has me on a budget now, I figure I'll try back with FS later. Anyway, the fillets are strong and the tape is looking good. I'm very confident the seams are now as strong or stronger than the panels. This is going to be a strong boat. I'm really enjoying this project, just wish I had more time to work on it!

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