Monday, May 17, 2010

Getting Ready for some Progress!

I finally made the trip up to Bellingham to get more plywood for the cabin top. I decided to go for 3/8" for the top. I'm sure I probably could of gotten away with 1/4" but I want this boat to be strong--I figure the top should be as strong as the bottom since I tend to puch things a bit when I sail and the top could end up being the bottom at some point! The panels for the cabin top will be 10' long so it was time to do some scarffing. I'm starting to get pretty decent at this whole setup. Even with the fact that I was down to my last belt sander belt, and it was getting a bit worn, it still went pretty quick. After pulling off the clamps, I was very happy with how straight and true the panels and joints were.

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