Thursday, September 30, 2010


So last week I covered the decks, cockpit and cabin top with glass, fully encapsulating the boat. This week I was able to fill the weave of the glass. I used 2 thin layers of epoxy slightly thickened with micro-balloons. Of course this meant bleaching, scrubbing, and sanding between layers, and after the second layer was cured. After a couple days of work, I'm happy to say the weave is filled and things are feeling pretty smooth. Next i will fill the weave on the hulls shear panel section. Once everthing is filled and smooth, I will check for problem areas and tackle some little fairing projects.  I have to go work for a few days but will hopefully be able to work on the boat a bit next week.  I don't really enjoy the whole sanding for hours and hours thing so it is important that I keep the momentum going and get through it!  Still having fun though!!

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