Thursday, September 1, 2011

Painting The Deck

Before I painted the decks, I added some toerails.  These go from the foredeck area and extend back past the chainplate area.  I went to Lowes and found some 1"x2" vinyl trim stock.  I then ripped them into the size and shape I wanted with the tablesaw and sanded them smooth.  I then bonded and filleted them onto the deck.  I also added a few screws from underneath.
I ended up painting the decks and topsides with a 2 part paint by interlux.  It definitely came out nice and glossy and seems pretty durable.  Next I put the non-skid on.  I used KiwiGrip which is awesome stuff.  Just mask off the area, trowl on a small area, then use a textured roller to even it out and give it grip.  Then do another section and sort of blend with the roller.  One important thing I learned was as soon as an area is done, pull off the masking tape to keep an nice sharp line.  I was pleasantly suprised with how easy it was to get a really consistent texture and how proffesional it looked when I was done. 

My only screw up was that since I had a lot of area to cover and didnt want to run out (or buy another gallon..the stuff is kind of pricey) I put it on a bit thin.  When I was done, I still had half the can left.  So I retaped the boat and went back over with another layer.  The second coat went just as easy as the first and now I have a really nice thick nonskid coating.  So it all turned out well, it just would of been nice to of only done it once!


Rik said...

Glad to see action again. Looking good.

Shannon Buys said...

Thanks Rik!
I'm actually getting close to finishing the boat so I figured I'd better get the blog caught up.