Monday, September 29, 2008

Laminating the starboard side

After sanding and cleaning, I was able to laminate the starboard side. I'm using 6oz cloth. I had my boys help me hold it in position and used painters tape to temporarily hold it while I started wetting it out with resin. I started with just a 3 pumps of resin/hardner mix not knowing how it would wet out and not wanting it to "get away" from me. I quickly learned, this doesn't go very far so I doubled it--which still made for me having to stir up a ton of batches. but at least, I didn't have to rush. I used a chip brush to brush the resin on and then a squeege to even everything out. Took me almost 2 hours to wet the thing out but I'm pleased with the finish. It is a nice even saturation with no runs and hardly any mess on the shop floor (forgot to put down a drop cloth)

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