Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Laminating the port side

Today I laminated the boats port side. Once again I used fairly small batches that I would brush on and then squeegee out. My friend Rollie told me that by using paper towels, I could get an even more consistent layup. So after doing a section, I lay some heavy duty Costco paper towels on the squeegeed glass. Then I went over it with my laminating roller and let the towels soak up any extra resin. After doing the next section, I'd go back and peel off the towels. I really like how it came out. Very few shiny spots, just a nice even lamination. This is probably as close to vacuum bagging as I'll get on this project.

Yes I know I look like a dork wearing hearing protection while wetting out the glass. I had just been sanding and had my mp3 headphones under the earmuffs and it was all just so comfortable and the tunes so great, I got half way through the lamination before I realized I probably didn't need hearing protection anymore.

Speaking of music, I really enjoy listening to tunes while I'm out working. Just makes the mindless things like sanding go so much easier. While sanding I use my mp3 player under my earmuffs but while I'm doing quieter things I'm now listening to tapes. Yes tapes. While cleaning the shop, I found the box of all my old tapes from high school and college days that my wife had told me we had no room for in the house. She said I'd never listen to them but I just couldn't throw those treasures away. So now I can finally listen to all those glorious songs of my youth...sweet!

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