Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cabin Top Sneak Peek

Today Iworked on the bulkhead that will support the mast and cabin top. In order to determine the shape of the bulkhead, I used temporary stringers to give me the outline of the cabin. The actual cabin top will be built using plywood and the stitch and glue method. It is multi-facted like the hull which will look nice and give added strength and rigidity. I was able to take the measurements, and then add onto the top of the frame (I'm getting pretty good at scarf joints) and cut it out. (picture on the right)
So you may be wondering if it's the camera lens that makes the shop look like a disaster with stuff everywhere. It's not. For some reason, when I have time to work in the shop, I go straight for the boat. I just have a hard time spending precious time cleaning when I could be building. But it's getting pretty bad. I'm starting to lose tools under debri. I kind of liked the whole mad scientist/ evil genius thing at first but it's probably time to clean it all up and make it a ship shape ship building operation. Maybe next week..now where's my tape measure...

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