Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cutting Out the Forward Frames

These are pics of some of the bulkheads and frames I was able to cut out today. The jigsaw works great for this except for some laser problems. It turns out the laser points 10 degrees off the actual track of the blade (like I've always got a left crosswind) When I'm trying to follow the inked lines exactly, the wayward laser was pretty distracting, so I just taped over the laser and reverted back to old school. I'm sure there is probably an adjustment I could make, but that would take time away from the boat building!
See the bulkhead at the very front? That's the "Crash Bulkhead" I just love having one of those. I guess its so that if I hit something (or more likely, someone) and crack the pointy end, it is water tight and will keep the water from flowing into my boat. I feel my confidence increasing already. Another thing I like about sailboats is that the cockpits are at the back--far, far away from the "Crash Bulkhead" I think that's a really good idea.

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