Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Shaping The Keel Fin


Got home from work today and had some time to work on the keel fin core.  After finishing making the cuts, I spray painted the whole thing dark green.  By doing this, it will be easy to see the depth I need to go to as I chisel and sand.    By using a chisel and mallet, I'm able to get rid of the wood and bring it down toward the right shape.  Then I use the sander to continue shaping the blank.  Once I get the foil shape roughed, I'll make a template and use filler to fine tune things.  It's fun and I'm feeling quite craftsman-like as I'm using the mallet and chisel to carve this foil shape.  Just hoping the finished core looks craftsman like!

On my way home, I stopped by Fiberglass Supply (that place is like a candy store..without the tooth decay!) and picked up the glass I'll need for the lamination.  I'm using 12 oz bi-axial e glass and 10.3 oz unidirectional e glass.  Probably around 6 layers of each will give me the strength I need and will give the foil a skin thickness of 1/8 inch which will give me the right shape.

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