Sunday, January 30, 2011

We Have A Floor!

Yesterday, I cut the other floor panel and glued them down.  It is one solid floor!  I think I've succeeded in building a floor/grid structure that will be able to absorb the mast and keel loads while remaining lightweight.  I also ran the vent lines for the water tanks and added another coat of epoxy in the tanks and then sealed them up by adding the floor panels above.  I used 3/8 ply for this because putting down this floor creates the top to a box beam that holds the keel box.  These pics also show the port sitting bench getting prepped for it's top as well.  As the grids get covered with floor panels, I'm starting to see that I have quite a bit of room inside.  Not exactly a luxurious cruiser, but still lots of room for gear and for camping. (especially for a sportboat)  The quarter berths are nearly 6.5' long.  I also measured and I found I have 4'2" of headroom.  Can't walk around, but with the open floor plan and benches, it will have plenty of room to get out of the weather, change clothes, take a nap, or cook some ramen.

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