Tuesday, March 17, 2009

All Rolled Over

Well, we got it rolled over. The morning was quite windy and even a bit snowy. David wasn't able to make it because of all the snow down south so we were going to bag the whole operation. But then the sun came out and since my dad and brother were already down here, plus neighbor Dave and bowguy Luke were able to help, we decided to go for it. I was glad I put casters on the strongback. We just wheeled the whole thing out of the shop and parked next to the field. Then we added some bracing to the hull so it wouldn't flex as we manuevered it. We were able to lift it off the male frames and set it down in the grass. Next, we slowly rolled it over. As we were half way through the roll there was a loud crack--turns out it was just one of the braces shifting (that sure got my attention!) After getting it rolled over, we removed the male forms from the strongback and replaced them with the cradles. Then we set the boat in the cradles and rolled it back into the shop. Took less than an hour. The boat looks a whole lot bigger now that it is flipped right side up. Very cool. Thanks to all who helped and to David who wanted to be here!

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