Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Book Work

As the roll over nears, I am having to give some thought as to how I'm going to build this thing. I have a hull but from here on out I'm heading off the map with this project. I don't think the original designer got much further than the hull so I hate to keep bugging him for info. So I've decided to just do the work myself using what I have to figure it out. I used a laser to project the designed water line. I then measured all dimensions at 1 foot stations. This data can be used to figure all kinds of fun stuff. Using my actual measurements, I was able to calculate the center of buoyancy and it was within 1.5 inches of where the designer predicted it should be. So this has given me confidence to press on. I'll continue my calcs and find the keel location, and mast location and that will help me figure locations for bulkheads, and stringers. I'll do some engineering calcs but will also look at similar projects to figure thickness schedules and such. I think I can probably do all this--after all, designing boats isn't an exact science and has some room for a designer's intuition. Otherwise all boats would be exactly the same..right? Besides, what could possibly go wrong??

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