Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cool Carbon Part

I could have built this part out of regular glass, but after making the cool carbon tube, I figured I'd continue with my carbon dreams. So this little thing is the cassette that will slip into the rudder slot. The rudder will be below it, the rudder post will run through it, and the tiller will be at the top of it. The shop has been sort of cool lately, so I decided to use the oven again for curing this particular part. Well, I'm now banned from using the oven. Apparently, some minute amount of epoxy dripped into the bottom of the oven and made a little plastic-esc smell when Denise made cookies after I used it as an autoclave. So now, unless it's something I can eat, it doesn't go in her oven. Seems a bit harsh to me because honestly, I really didn't think the cookies tasted like epoxy--can't figure what the big fuss was. Oh well, the parts done now, and maybe I can use my neighbor Daves oven in the future.

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