Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Deck Prep

I'm a few steps away from putting on cockpit deck (have to do reinforcement of the cockpit floor seams, rudder box, etc) But since I was waiting for some epoxy to cure, I started prepping the port side for deck. All the clamps are holding a strip along the top of the hull. This strip is to beef up the hull/deck joint and give me more area to glue to. I so love all the clamps--they just look so very..boat builder like! Plus, I had to use my sanding block to shape the strip to the proper deck angle--which also felt pretty craftsman like! The forward part of the cockpit deck I foresee being abused by my crew. This is where everyone jumps up to go forward and hike. To make it "Dan Proof" (and "me proof") I dry-fitted a couple 3/8" ply stringers that will lay under the 3/8" deck. The aft deck won't be walked on as much and also narrows so I will run just one stringer in that section. Note: All the cardboard covering the cockpit deck area is to keep in heat. I have a lot of stuff below the cockpit curing so I put a heater below and then made a "tent" with the cardboard. Well, tomorrow is supposed to be another rainy, windy day here on Whidbey, so maybe I'll get to play inside again and put in a few more hours on the project.

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