Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Place to Lay My Head- Quarter Berths

Actually, it will be where my legs and feet will lay. The quarter berths extend 4 feet under the cockpit. First I painted the inside of these compartments with epoxy, and added another layer of carbon to the stringer that runs through this area. The stringer now has 3 layers of 6oz carbon and is super stiff. I was amazed how much that last layer stiffened things. I will be adding a 3rd layer to the rest of the carbon stringers as well. Then I cut out the panels from 1/4 inch ply. To add strength, I made a grid system from more 1/4" ply and glued and glassed it to the bottom of the panels. Now they are still really light but super stiff. The last pic shows the panels glued into position. In addition to serving as part of the quarter berths, these also brace the hull side panels--giving more rigidity and stiffness. They also form watertight flotation compartments.

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