Wednesday, November 18, 2009

She's Got A Sweet Rear End!

I'm really happy with how the rudder project is turning out. By having the slot, it just makes everything look a lot cleaner. The middle picture shows sort of a mock up of the rudder assembly (I guess I should have flipped this picture around) Has the rudder at one end of the carbon cassette, and that stick on the other side represents a tiller that will attach to the top of the rudder post. The whole thing slides into the slot. The rudder ends up below the hull and is free to pivot. The carbon fiber part locks into the slot, and the tiller will attach to the top. The whole thing will be able to quickly pop in and out for trailering, cleaning, etc. The last pic shows the cassette in place. (There will still be another plate that goes on top of thisto clean it up and lock it in place) Note: You may notice drywall screws visible in certain pictures. These aren't permanent, they are just to hold things in position until the epoxy cures, then I'll take them back out.